2019 – The Year in Review

2019 has definitely been a milestone year because of the challenges and the success we’ve had. Working at the grassroots has its own unique brick walls which have to become part of the solution. This year our programmes had many changes and expansions.

  • Expansion of Shiksha project
  • Successful livelihood ventures
  • ICT for Rural Education Project
  • Partnerships

    The first half of the year is highlighted by our participation in the TCS World 10K Marathon in Bangalore.

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    CherYsh @ A Hundred Hands – ‘The Handmade Collective’

    Mundwad Shawl and Stoles Group is Now a member of ‘A Hundred Hands’!

    A Hundred Hands is a non-profit that supports handmade arts and crafts, so they can earn a fair and sustainable livelihood from their work. Mundwad Shawls and Stoles group is now a member. They will also be participating in their annual exhibition, ‘The Handmade Collective’. It is a 5 day event and the Mundwad women will be present there to showcase and market their

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    ICT Training for Rural Education

    Information Communication Technology For Rural Education, Haliyal

  • 20 women are being trained in the use of computers and the internet, bringing them closer to the advantages of technology
  • This project is being implemented with support from Intel Corporation
  • The training commenced on the 25th of July, 2019 in the multimedia classrooms in Deshpande Private Industrial Training Institute, Haliyal
  • Information Communication Technology For Rural Education, Haliyal

    Technology has changed the world in drastic ways and still continues to do so.

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    Quest to Learn Workshop

    by, Samantha Kennedy, Programme Intern with CherYsh

    Quest2Learn 2019 Conference

    On July 25th and 26th I had the pleasure of attending the Quest2Learn conference with
    CherYsh Trust. This two day conference is held annually by Quest Alliance; an organization that
    aims to revolutionize learning through innovative approaches and self-driven learning tactics. This
    year’s conference consisted of several panels, keynote speakers and learning experiences that
    highlighted and dissected the theme: ‘The Future of Work and Learning’.

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    My Time in Haliyal

    by: Samantha Kennedy,Programme Intern – University of Ottawa

    This past month I had the incredible opportunity to visit Haliyal to observe and assist with some of
    the learning and livelihood projects CHerYsh Trust implement in the surrounding rural communities.
    Through my involvement in the learning facilitator training, the Shiksha inspections and the
    Shiksha evaluation pilot project, I was able to gain valuable insights on project management in

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    Exploring Bangalore at the TCS World 10K “Majja Run”

    If you asked me what I thought I’d be doing during my first week in India, I can assure you the answer would not have been participating in the 5K Majja run or ‘fun’ run of the TCS World 10K marathon. Throughout the years I have taken up running periodically, but am incredibly out of practice right now. Regardless of my physical capabilities, I was excited for the opportunity to help fundraise and run for a good cause!

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    #SheRunsHerFuture – CherYsh @ TCS 10K 2019

    2019 is CherYsh’s fifth year at the TCSWorld 10 K, Bangalore’s premiere 10 Km Run, which
    serves as a platform for us to spread awareness about and garner support for the work we do.
    People from diverse back grounds have supported CherYsh in the past years.This includes
    Students, Professionals, Senior Citizens, Homemakers, Families , Kids and Learning Facilitators
    of CherYsh Shikshas and a bunch of Volunteers from India and abroad.

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    App based learning methodology in Shikshas: A CherYsh – Meghshala Partnership

    •  CherYsh-Meghshala Trust partnership for content and monitoring
    •  Technology interface via tablets
    •  Modules are in line with national curriculum followed in government schools

    CherYsh has joined hands with Meghshala Trust with the objective of enhancing teaching quality at the Shikshas. The app based learning modules designed by Meghshala are in line with the national curriculum followed at the government Schools. The curriculum is split into easy-to-learn units with lots of activities and is made available on the cloud.

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    Mundwad Shawls and Stoles : A Rural Entrepreneurship


    Shahnaz Begum had thought of herself as just another resident of Mundwad Village who had lived with her now-retired army-man husband in various parts of India while he served the nation, and who would now live out the rest of her life in her village, hopefully in peace, and certainly in anonymity. But that was before CherYsh did a Skills Mapping exercise in her village and discovered, quite by chance, that she had expertise in ‘Khila Work’ – a tapestry technique using nail and board to weave strips and squares.

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    CherYsh taps the hidden talent of Shenaz Begam

    Her talent was discovered during a skilling meeting in Haliyal. The shy lady  hesitatingly spoke out about how she had learnt the craft of ‘keela'( nail) weaving during her posting in Agra as an Army wife. CherYsh made note of the tremendous talent and the fact that she can bring this skill to a number of women in the community. She is now our resource person who has begun training women in nail weaving, and with guidance from a designer,

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