#SheRunsHerFuture – CherYsh @ TCS 10K 2019

2019 is CherYsh’s fifth year at the TCSWorld 10 K, Bangalore’s premiere 10 Km Run, which
serves as a platform for us to spread awareness about and garner support for the work we do.
People from diverse back grounds have supported CherYsh in the past years.This includes
Students, Professionals, Senior Citizens, Homemakers, Families , Kids and Learning Facilitators
of CherYsh Shikshas and a bunch of Volunteers from India and abroad.
The support that we raised from the TCS 10 K during the past enabled us to:

  • Provide learning support to more than 1000 children through academics, sports and arts.
  • Enable more than 1000 children to build a strong foundation of English Language.
  • Provide a trained Learning Facilitator and a well equipped Learning Center (Shiksha) in 37 rural locations across 26 villages.
  • Provide a nutritious evening snack to more than 1000 children round the year.
  • Provide e-learning aids and digital modules at the Learning Centres (Shikshas).
  • Transform 37 young women to be confident trained Learning Facilitators with regular
  • We are so proud of our Youth Cares team, led by Ethan Martin from Bangalore International
    School , who won the “Top Youth Cares Fundraiser Award “ in 2017 and 2018. We also had a
    group of senior citizen runners who made it look effortless and inspired us a lot with their
    encouragement. Our field team who travels all the way from Haliyal to run in this event every
    year is our constant source of inspiration.

    This year CherYsh’s team at TCS World 10 K will be led by seven young girls from the rural
    villages of Haliyal . Five of them play for the National Under 19 Women's football team and
    make us and their villages proud with their achievements .Their college education and football
    training at St. Aloysius College in Mangalore is supported by CherYsh. They will be running
    along with CherYsh’s enthusiastic field team and other supporters at the TCS World 10 K to
    support the Shikshas and the education of girl children in Haliyal.
    India Cares Foundation is our Philanthropy partner and below is the link to our fundraising page
    on the platform : https://www.icfn.in/tcsworld10k/CherYsh/
    Join us at the TCS World10K on the 19th of May, 2019. Let's make sure that