CherYsh Shiksha – After School Learning Centres

•  Village neighbourhood learning spaces
•  Young women from the community are selected and trained as Learning Facilitators for the Shikshas
•  Nurtures all round development through academics, sports ,arts and nutritious snack
•  Benefits more than 1000 children in 37 Shikshas across 26 villages

The CherYsh Shiksha- After School Learning Centres target all-round development of children through quality support to their learning needs. The goal of the CherYsh Shikshas is to encourage village neighbourhood learning spaces: the home of a community member,

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Sugarcane Bud Nursery

•  Agro – allied livelihood group managed entirely women
•  Enterprise is developed in partnership with EID Parry
•  Women are assisted with training, seed funding and expert advice
•  Pilot venture gets successful feed back

The sugar cane bud nursery in Mundwad is the first step towards setting up agro- allied livelihood groups in Haliyal. Haliyal being part of sugarcane cultivation belt, offers bright opportunity to women to earn regular income from growing and selling sugarcane buds.

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Learning Facilitators: The backbone of Shiksha programme

•  Young qualified women from the community are selected and trained as Learning Facilitators for the Shikshas
•  Intense programme with pedagogy, technology and subject coaching sessions every week
•  37 young women have transformed into confident educators with regular income

The CherYsh Shiksha learning programme leverages another significant programme to develop local-based Learning Facilitators. Young qualified women from the community are selected and trained as Learning Facilitators for the Shikshas.

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Digitisation at CherYsh Shikshas

•  Each Learning Facilitator has a tablet
•  Digitised learning modules and attendance tracking system
•  IT trainings to upgrade the tech skills of learning Facilitators

Technology is used extensively to make learning more efficient in the Shikshas. Each Learning Facilitator is equipped with a tech device (Tablet) in which digitised learning modules are made available. Facilitators use the tablet to aid teaching with audio visual content and thereby make learning easy and interesting.

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Active Rural Curriculum (ARC)

The CherYsh Shikshas incorporate an Active Rural Curriculum – ARC, which brings activity-rich methodologies such as music, art, puppetry, games as part of the curriculum to teach English and Math. ARC has introduced phonics-based learning for teaching English. Learning Facilitators have been trained to use phonics-based English modules on digital devices and include this method into their classrooms. As a result, English reading and speaking skills in the Shiksha children have shown a marked improvement.

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Community Kitchen Products at Haliyal Utsav

At the Shivaji Stadium in Haliyal, the enthusiasm was palpable. So were the colours, the aromas, the buzz of the Karavali communities who gathered to celebrate the annual Haliyal Utsav. A year-end tradition since the last five years, the Haliyal Utsav brings together villages from the coastal areas of Karnataka in a fun fair that showcases their vibrant communities. This year the women of CherYsh Community Kitchen were proud participants in the Haliyal Utsav. The women proved their mettle in bringing together a well packaged and labeled collection of spice mixes,

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Serve And Lead Training (SaLT): Skilling for Entrepreneurship

Continuous learning and skill enhancement was delivered through the SaLT session. Mr. Chandrasekariah, experienced Trainer from Buzz India, delivered the sessions on financial literacy. The sessions gave women greater insight, and practical skills to understand basics of enterprise, qualities of an entrepreneur, family budgeting, receipts and payments, financial goal setting, loan management and so on.

Keeping the kitchens earning

Women of the Community Kitchens took up new orders and prepared for increase in sales.

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Community Kitchens – Geared up

Women of Community Kitchens earned a regular income from sale of food products. Their scheduled deliveries continued with supply to the CherYsh Shikshas, and the EID Parry factory canteens. A woman from the village, tailored the new gear worn by women, opening a new line of skill work linked to the Community Kitchens. A new plan to expand the order base in being developed for the financial year 2017-18.


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The e-story: User Learning Curve

The e-story in Haliyal began with the introduction of Tablet devices for Learning Facilitators(Shiksha Tutors). This enables them to maintain enrollment records of all children, their performance evaluation, and attendance. In addition, the devices were updated with audio-visual content for the phonics-based English learning program. Training programs were conducted and covered aspects of excel usage, user interface, data, and data integrity.

Team leads were identified from amongst the 25 Learning Facilitators, to be a local resource,

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The CherYsh Community Kitchens

The Serve and Lead Training: Experience of client engagement

A feedback system was instituted by CherYsh to enable women to engage directly with the buyer on aspects of quality. The Canteen Manager and staff at the local sugar factory of the EID Parry group, welcomed women of the Community Kitchens to their conference room. The factory team conveyed that workers eating at the canteen had appreciated the “home-made” and “tasteful” flavor, also that the products were “unadulterated”.

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