Economic Empowerment of Rural Women

The SaLT session for women of the Community Kitchens included training on using, and conserving, energy via fuel-efficient cooking stoves.

In addition a SaLT session was delivered by staff of the Gateway Lakeside to support women of the Community Kitchens with information on quality, storage, new snack recipes, recipes for pickles, and elements of packaging.


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Peer Training in Mundwad kitchens

The CherYsh Community Kitchens continue to supply food products to two factories in Haliyal. Women earned a sustained income from sale of 200+ kilograms of food products per order.

In June, women who had been trained from the first community kitchen were encouraged to train members of the second kitchen in Mundwad village. Their skills as trainers and entrepreneurs were honed in this process.

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51 Learning Facilitators take learning to 36 villages

Baseline evaluation of all Learning Facilitators was completed. The assessment was used to evaluate 36 candidates from 21 villages, and enlist them as Trainee Learning Facilitators (LF).  These trainees joined the existing LF group to take up training on the Active Rural Curriculum. On successful completion of training, the LFs will be certified based on command over the content taught. The trained Learning Facilitators will anchor the Shikshas in the newly identified villages.

Participatory Planning and Training


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Music and learning

Music made children from the CherYsh Shikshas learn differently. At the Serendipity Concert, in collaboration with the Bangalore School of Music, a group of 7 musically talented young girls from Haliyal shared the stage with Marialena Fernandes, and the Trio Viennair. The girls participated in a music workshop at Bangalore, conducted by Marialena Fernandes – world-renowned pianist, and professor at the Vienna Conservatory.

The experience gave the CherYsh girls from Haliyal, newfound confidence,

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Youth involvement in rural education

CherYsh met students and faculty of the BVB College, Hubballi, to review the RITE program and children’s performance at the Shikshas, in Math. Students from BVB felt that RITE gave them an opportunity to “contribute to a village, and make an impact by improving levels of learning amongst children, and the local tutor.” RITE students discussed a plan to ensure a volunteer pipeline is maintained to strengthen learning outcomes in CherYsh Shikshas.

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Shiksha space: A new look

The CherYsh learning centres donned a new look with enhancement to the elements of infrastructure. New blackboards with stands were added in all Shikshas. This tool besides being mobile is a space saver in the minimal area available inside the Shiksha. Workbooks and play materials were distributed. Tablet devices were handed over to the Learning Facilitators. This will e-enable all record keeping currently maintained on student enrolment, training, evaluation and performance. A review of infrastructure needs was completed.

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Children file in!

Over 600 children attend the After-School Learning Program in 11 villages of Haliyal Taluk, Uttara Kannada district. This is envisaged to grow to 1000 children, and 25 Learning Faciitaors by March 2017.

Children benefit from the Active Rural Curriculum pursued by the CherYsh Learning Facilitators. This incentivizes the children to learn in ways that they enjoy, assimilate, and remember. Music, art, and sports are used in the learning of English and Math.

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Rural Innovation Through Education (RITE)

The continuous learning program for Learning Facilitators and the Children is enabled through Rural Innovation Through Education (RITE) program. In collaboration with the BVB College of Engineering and Technology, Hubballi, CherYsh undertakes ongoing and programmed training for student volunteers to teach Mathematics to children at the CherYsh Shikshas. Akshara Foundation is the author of the content and the teaching aids.

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