Digitisation at CherYsh Shikshas

Training sessions for digital interface started for the new Learning Facilitators who joined in July. The student attendance sheets, and other learning aids were loaded to their digital devices. Ten learning facilitators, including a few who required additional training from the previous batch attended the session. Mr. Madhu, Technology Anchor at CherYsh, led the session.


  • All Shikshas have digital devices(Tablets), which are handled by the LFs for teaching phonics-based English
  • Attendance data is 100% digitised;

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The learning showcase

CherYsh Day was held to celebrate the accomplishments of children, women and the community in Haliyal. CherYsh field staff, and Learning Facilitators (LFs) shared a report on progress at this public event. Children from all Shikshas came together and showcase their talents in arts, sports and music. This year CherYsh Day was conducted in two villages – Hunswad and Mundwad. Shikshas were grouped into two according to their geographical location and teams from all 31 Shikshas competed enthusiastically in rhyme recitation,

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A new view

KLE Technological Institute hosts CherYsh Learning Facilitators and students

KLE Tech. Hubballi, organised a structured visit for a group of 40 CherYsh Learning Facilitators and Students as part of an experiential learning visit to the campus. The CherYsh group went through the campus with wide-eyed curiosity and enthusiasm! The program schedule was fulfilling, and took our young learners to all departments at KLE Tech. Also, this was the first time such an interaction was held on campus!

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My village, our progress

In the second (Rural Innovation Through Education) RITE session of the year, 35 RITE volunteers from KLE Tech engaged with children at the CherYsh Shikshas. The volunteers were trained to conduct an evaluation competency enhancement amongst children to read, write, enunciate, and narrate stories in English. They completed the exercise covering a sample size of 280 Shiksha students.

The RITE volunteers were encouraged to take leadership of the villages they visited. It was exciting to see youth volunteers adopt their village,

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The Learning Playfields

There was visible excitement as the Shikshas reopened to a new academic year 2017-18. Fresh enrollments, new audio-visual learning modules, refreshed training on the Active Rural Curriculum, and distribution of the mid-evening nutritious laddoos, contributed to a wholesome start.

Child leaders were identified across the existing 26 Shikshas. Currently, 36 villages are covered under the learning program.

CherYsh established five new Shikshas in the villages of Aralwad, Nagshettikoppa, Jataga and Jataga Gowliwada in Haliyal Taluka.

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51 Learning Facilitators take learning to 36 villages

Baseline evaluation of all Learning Facilitators was completed. The assessment was used to evaluate 36 candidates from 21 villages, and enlist them as Trainee Learning Facilitators (LF).  These trainees joined the existing LF group to take up training on the Active Rural Curriculum. On successful completion of training, the LFs will be certified based on command over the content taught. The trained Learning Facilitators will anchor the Shikshas in the newly identified villages.

Participatory Planning and Training


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E-cadres emerging!

Technology was systematically introduced at the CherYsh Resource Centre, Haliyal. In addition to computers, a projector was installed to ensure Training sessions are more effective, and the audio-visual content component is optimally used.

The IT integration training improved the use of teaching aids( Digital devices -Tablets, and audio-visual content). It also included coaching on systems to improve administration at the Shikshas (Online recording of attendance, and evaluation of learning levels). The online tracking system was enabled such that Learning Facilitators can record attendance on their digital devices,

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RITE Training

Youth taking the RITE path

RITE – Student engagement took place via an evaluation exercise conducted in 15 Shikshas. Thirty three students of KLE Tech. Hubballi carried out the exercise using an evaluation template prepared by CherYsh. Students were enthusiastic in their participation, and demonstrated both compassion and diligence in carrying out the task. The children, and Learning Facilitators in turn were eager to respond to the evaluation and showcase success! The data is being tabulated currently.

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Music and learning

Music made children from the CherYsh Shikshas learn differently. At the Serendipity Concert, in collaboration with the Bangalore School of Music, a group of 7 musically talented young girls from Haliyal shared the stage with Marialena Fernandes, and the Trio Viennair. The girls participated in a music workshop at Bangalore, conducted by Marialena Fernandes – world-renowned pianist, and professor at the Vienna Conservatory.

The experience gave the CherYsh girls from Haliyal, newfound confidence,

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Youth involvement in rural education

CherYsh met students and faculty of the BVB College, Hubballi, to review the RITE program and children’s performance at the Shikshas, in Math. Students from BVB felt that RITE gave them an opportunity to “contribute to a village, and make an impact by improving levels of learning amongst children, and the local tutor.” RITE students discussed a plan to ensure a volunteer pipeline is maintained to strengthen learning outcomes in CherYsh Shikshas.

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