Learning Facilitators: The backbone of Shiksha programme

•  Young qualified women from the community are selected and trained as Learning Facilitators for the Shikshas
•  Intense programme with pedagogy, technology and subject coaching sessions every week
•  37 young women have transformed into confident educators with regular income

The CherYsh Shiksha learning programme leverages another significant programme to develop local-based Learning Facilitators. Young qualified women from the community are selected and trained as Learning Facilitators for the Shikshas.

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Digitisation at CherYsh Shikshas

•  Each Learning Facilitator has a tablet
•  Digitised learning modules and attendance tracking system
•  IT trainings to upgrade the tech skills of learning Facilitators

Technology is used extensively to make learning more efficient in the Shikshas. Each Learning Facilitator is equipped with a tech device (Tablet) in which digitised learning modules are made available. Facilitators use the tablet to aid teaching with audio visual content and thereby make learning easy and interesting.

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CherYsh taps the hidden talent of Shenaz Begam

Her talent was discovered during a skilling meeting in Haliyal. The shy lady  hesitatingly spoke out about how she had learnt the craft of ‘keela'( nail) weaving during her posting in Agra as an Army wife. CherYsh made note of the tremendous talent and the fact that she can bring this skill to a number of women in the community. She is now our resource person who has begun training women in nail weaving, and with guidance from a designer,

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CherYsh Scholarship for football champions from Haliyal

CherYsh is creating an environment where young girls can pursue their dreams and achieve wonderful things.

Five talented footballers from Haliyal – Jyothi, Akshata, Sheetal, Madevi and Sunita, who are National College level football players and bright students who have cleared PSU had big aspirations… to graduate from a college that supports them with advanced coaching in football.

CherYsh Scholarships has brought them close to their goal with admission in the prestigious St Aloysius College,

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Social Enterprises for Women

CherYsh is committed to promoting entrepreneurial opportunities for rural women in Haliyal by identifying skills to develop their potential in rural home-based industries. CherYsh has generated livelihood opportunities for rural women through Kitchens that produce dry spice mixes and supplies to local markets. By offering them access to the right resources, CherYsh has turned rural women into entrepreneurs and empowered them through home industries. Today women in Haliyal are producing, packaging and earning from steady supplies of spice mixes to local enterprises like the Akshay Patra and EID Parry.

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CherYsh at the TCS World 10K, 2018

The TCS World 10K run kicked off on 27th May, 2018 in Bengaluru. CherYsh was represented by a team of 38 runners – students, senior citizens, homemakers and professionals signed up to run for the cause of education for rural girls. Among them was the CherYsh team from Haliyal – four Learning Facilitators, two CherYsh Field Officers, and four Shiksha students—Jayshree, Tasalambi, Darshan and Isubsab—who got their first taste of a big run in a big city!

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Active Rural Curriculum (ARC)

The CherYsh Shikshas incorporate an Active Rural Curriculum – ARC, which brings activity-rich methodologies such as music, art, puppetry, games as part of the curriculum to teach English and Math. ARC has introduced phonics-based learning for teaching English. Learning Facilitators have been trained to use phonics-based English modules on digital devices and include this method into their classrooms. As a result, English reading and speaking skills in the Shiksha children have shown a marked improvement.

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My Experience in Haliyal

Having just returned from the field, I wanted to share with you some of my experiences and a little bit about what I observed and learned through this trip.

My visit to Haliyal this past week was a truly incredible experience. Through my involvement in the participatory planning sessions with the learning facilitators, community kitchen workers, and field staff, I was able to gain valuable insights about the challenges involved in grassroots development projects.

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The BEACON beckons

On a visit to CherYsh project sites in the sugarcane-rich region of Haliyal, Uttara Kannada district, I saw the fire. Far afield it raged, billowing smoke into the villages – pristine, green, and clean.

Sugarcane trash was being burned.

It seemed a normal practice in the area. Farmers found it expensive to dispose off the cane trash in any other manner. It was ironic – not only were the expansive and clean environs of these villages being swept by swathes of smoke,

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