Digitisation at CherYsh Shikshas

Training sessions for digital interface started for the new Learning Facilitators who joined in July. The student attendance sheets, and other learning aids were loaded to their digital devices. Ten learning facilitators, including a few who required additional training from the previous batch attended the session. Mr. Madhu, Technology Anchor at CherYsh, led the session.


  • All Shikshas have digital devices(Tablets), which are handled by the LFs for teaching phonics-based English
  • Attendance data is 100% digitised; Teachers mark attendance in the sheets which are installed on the Tablets
  • Digitised profiles of 980 Shiksha students with photographs
  • Digitised month-wise modules for phonics based English teaching
  • Computer pilot programme in 2 Shikshas
  • 31 Learning Facilitators trained on the usage of tech device (Tablet) as a teaching and admin tool
  • Infrastructure set-up at resource centre – WiFi, 2 computers, projector and screen, camera with tripod, UPS