Quest to Learn Workshop

by, Samantha Kennedy, Programme Intern with CherYsh

Quest2Learn 2019 Conference

On July 25th and 26th I had the pleasure of attending the Quest2Learn conference with
CherYsh Trust. This two day conference is held annually by Quest Alliance; an organization that
aims to revolutionize learning through innovative approaches and self-driven learning tactics. This
year’s conference consisted of several panels, keynote speakers and learning experiences that
highlighted and dissected the theme: ‘The Future of Work and Learning’.

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My Time in Haliyal

by: Samantha Kennedy,Programme Intern – University of Ottawa

This past month I had the incredible opportunity to visit Haliyal to observe and assist with some of
the learning and livelihood projects CHerYsh Trust implement in the surrounding rural communities.
Through my involvement in the learning facilitator training, the Shiksha inspections and the
Shiksha evaluation pilot project, I was able to gain valuable insights on project management in

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Exploring Bangalore at the TCS World 10K “Majja Run”

If you asked me what I thought I’d be doing during my first week in India, I can assure you the answer would not have been participating in the 5K Majja run or ‘fun’ run of the TCS World 10K marathon. Throughout the years I have taken up running periodically, but am incredibly out of practice right now. Regardless of my physical capabilities, I was excited for the opportunity to help fundraise and run for a good cause!

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My Experience in Haliyal

Having just returned from the field, I wanted to share with you some of my experiences and a little bit about what I observed and learned through this trip.

My visit to Haliyal this past week was a truly incredible experience. Through my involvement in the participatory planning sessions with the learning facilitators, community kitchen workers, and field staff, I was able to gain valuable insights about the challenges involved in grassroots development projects.

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The BEACON beckons

On a visit to CherYsh project sites in the sugarcane-rich region of Haliyal, Uttara Kannada district, I saw the fire. Far afield it raged, billowing smoke into the villages – pristine, green, and clean.

Sugarcane trash was being burned.

It seemed a normal practice in the area. Farmers found it expensive to dispose off the cane trash in any other manner. It was ironic – not only were the expansive and clean environs of these villages being swept by swathes of smoke,

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Community Kitchen Products at Haliyal Utsav

At the Shivaji Stadium in Haliyal, the enthusiasm was palpable. So were the colours, the aromas, the buzz of the Karavali communities who gathered to celebrate the annual Haliyal Utsav. A year-end tradition since the last five years, the Haliyal Utsav brings together villages from the coastal areas of Karnataka in a fun fair that showcases their vibrant communities. This year the women of CherYsh Community Kitchen were proud participants in the Haliyal Utsav. The women proved their mettle in bringing together a well packaged and labeled collection of spice mixes,

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