Quest to Learn Workshop

by, Samantha Kennedy, Programme Intern with CherYsh

Quest2Learn 2019 Conference

On July 25th and 26th I had the pleasure of attending the Quest2Learn conference with
CherYsh Trust. This two day conference is held annually by Quest Alliance; an organization that
aims to revolutionize learning through innovative approaches and self-driven learning tactics. This
year’s conference consisted of several panels, keynote speakers and learning experiences that
highlighted and dissected the theme: ‘The Future of Work and Learning’. For myself, it was an
incredible opportunity to be exposed to a vast network of NGOs and businesses working within the
development sector.

Day one shed light on the barriers to education and employment; sparking in-depth
conversations on the importance of inclusive and equitable learning. Most notably, the final
panelist, Sabina Dewan, the president and executive director of JustJobs Network, highlighted an
important aspect for change in communities: cultural perspectives. In order to implement real
change, the root cause needs to be addressed. An important argument she made was that creating
jobs and providing education isn’t enough, rather, there needs to be a shift in the communities
perspective in order to bring about sustainable change. I found Sabina’s panel discussion very
interesting, as she articulated clear, educated points that applied to the work I see done at CherYsh.
The success of the various projects stems from CherYsh’s effort to include the community and shift
perspectives throughout the process. Through empowering and encouraging women to realize
their worth and their skill, they are able to set an example for the community to value women’s
education and entrepreneurship.

Aside from the traditional panel and keynote speakers, this conference had hands on
experiences using technology for innovative learning, as well as the chance to explore the various
research being conducted by Quest Alliance. Additionally, there were many opportunities to gain
experience in networking, which pushed me outside of my comfort zone and helped me connect
with like minded individuals. Overall, this conference allowed me to explore the various
perspectives on education and employment within the current context of India. It exposed me to
the education and development sector, and the vast network of professionals supporting innovative
change for a better future. I was able to broaden my knowledge and perspectives pertaining to
education and development, and will be able to apply what I have learned in my studies, as well as
in the work that I contribute to at CherYsh.