Exploring Bangalore at the TCS World 10K “Majja Run”

If you asked me what I thought I’d be doing during my first week in India, I can assure you the answer would not have been participating in the 5K Majja run or ‘fun’ run of the TCS World 10K marathon. Throughout the years I have taken up running periodically, but am incredibly out of practice right now. Regardless of my physical capabilities, I was excited for the opportunity to help fundraise and run for a good cause!

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#SheRunsHerFuture – CherYsh @ TCS 10K 2019

2019 is CherYsh’s fifth year at the TCSWorld 10 K, Bangalore’s premiere 10 Km Run, which
serves as a platform for us to spread awareness about and garner support for the work we do.
People from diverse back grounds have supported CherYsh in the past years.This includes
Students, Professionals, Senior Citizens, Homemakers, Families , Kids and Learning Facilitators
of CherYsh Shikshas and a bunch of Volunteers from India and abroad.

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