CherYsh COVID-19 Relief Project 2021-2022

Background :

Haliyal Taluka, CherYsh’s community in Uttara Karnataka, suffers significantly from the second wave of
COVID-19. Several parts of the taluk were in a state of being sealed for an extended period. The cases
are very high (the highest in Karnataka), resulting in strict measures that have badly impacted everyday
life and livelihood in Haliyal. Unemployment has drastically increased; reverse migration from
Maharashtra, Bangalore, Belgaum, Goa has added more burden.

The Challenge:

The loss of non-agricultural and labour work, minimum access to the market, lack of transport facilities,
absence of trade opportunities have all resulted in a shortage of household essentials, including food,
medicines, hygiene materials. Additionally, to the COVID 19 trauma is the untimely heavy rains and
floods in villages, resulting in crop loss, therefore, forecasting no foreseeable income for the following
year. Grains and seeds are insignificant shortages. Non-guarantee of the next meal is household stress.

Another looming challenge in Haliyal, just like in any part of Rural India, is the lack of access to health
care. COVID-19 cases reporting is inaccurate, and affected individuals have no space at home to isolate
themselves. There are no facilities in the villages to quarantine the infected patients, resulting in
rampant infection in the household and the house getting sealed. Access to medicines, oximeter,
nutrition is a farfetched matter. Many deaths have occurred.

CherYsh has been working with the communities of about 50 villages in Haliyal for nearly ten years now.
We have attempted to reach out to them to understand specific issues and challenges during these
traumatic times. Through our data sources: Aanganwadi, ASHA workers, and our Learning Facilitators,
we have identified the poorest of the poor in the villages, the most vulnerable ones, and have analyzed
their needs.

Our plan to action:

As part of Phase 1 of the CherYsh COVID-19 Relief Project we have drawn up the following action:

Our plan is to address the health care and food crisis in poor households and COVID-19 hit households
for TWO MONTHS. (July and August)
●     Food Kits: Dry ration and everyday household items
●     Health Kits: Feminine hygiene products and COVID-19 protective supplies
CherYsh aims to serve about 2500 people focusing on the most affected 25 villages. The plan also
includes establishing basic isolation centres wherever possible with the support of Primary Health
Centres and Gram Panchayaths.
Phase 1 will be a two-month effort to reach these supplies to individuals in need. Our goal is to
raise Rupees Twenty lakhs in phase 1 of our CherYsh’s Covid19 Relief Project.

Donate on CherYsh’s payment gateway here or by transferring your donations to:

Acct Name: CherYsh Trust
Acct No: 05212320004266
Bank: HDFC
IFSC: HDFC0000521
(At the moment, we can receive only funds in Indian Rupees)

We urge you to support the cause to provide basic needs to the affected in Haliyal in these
unprecedented times. Do reach out for any clarifications / additional details you might need.