E-Shiksha Digital Education Project

– Tech is the future, and we are introducing computer science through infrastructure and education in the villages of Haliyal, Uttara Kannada District, Karnataka
– e-Shiksha Centers will bring computer science knowledge such as coding, physical computing, problem-solving to the girl children of the villages of Haliyal
– Learning Facilitators will also transform into tech teachers

The pandemic has taught us the importance of technology when it comes to education. While urban
schools and colleges continued their education online, rural areas were not so lucky. No
infrastructure or technical knowledge at the village and district level left all government schools
closed for most of the year in Haliyal.




The existing gaps in rural and urban education grew wider and highlighted the need for digitization.
While our Shiksha centers use tabs and digital lessons to teach students, they didn’t address the
complete lack of access and the presence of technical learning.
We have partnered with The PiJam Foundation to convert 8 Shiksha Centres into digital learning
spaces or e-Shiksha Centers. These centers will use low-cost open-source technology and Raspberry
Pis to build computer knowledge among students at the village level. The curriculum will include
Physical Computing, Programming, Digital Making to translate to the real-world through problem-
solving and design thinking creatively.
Our Learning Facilitators will receive continuous teaching and capacity building training to transform
them into Tech-Learning Facilitators over a year. Girls in Tech is a goal that will be met two-fold,
developing knowledge of computer science and related subjects among girl students and Learning
Facilitators, ensuring they are ready for the future.
This would not be possible without the support of ThoughtWorks and Innovative Technology Trust.

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