CherYsh Shiksha – After School Learning Centres


The CherYsh Shiksha After School Learning Centres target all-round development of children through quality support to their learning needs. The goal of the CherYsh Shikshas is to encourage village neighbourhood learning spaces: the home of a community member, or a common room, where children enjoy learning, nurture aspirations and thereby progress. Young women from the community are selected and trained as Learning Facilitators for the Shikshas. This teacher capacity building effort within the community has had significant benefit to the sustainability of the Shiksha program.

The CherYsh Shikshas incorporate an Active Rural Curriculum – ARC, which brings activity-rich methodologies such as music, art, puppetry, games as part of the curriculum to teach English and Math. ARC has introduced phonics-based learning for teaching English. Learning Facilitators have been trained to use phonics modules on digital devices and include this method into their classrooms. As a result, English reading and speaking skills in the Shiksha children have shown a marked improvement.

From 2015-2018, CherYsh has covered 45 villages, with 31 Shikshas, 31 Learning Facilitators, 18 trainee Learning Facilitators for future Shikshas, and enrollments of over a 1000 children. The future foresees more CherYsh Shikshas covering more villages in the region.