ICT Training for Rural Education

Information Communication Technology For Rural Education, Haliyal

  • 20 women are being trained in the use of computers and the internet, bringing them closer to the advantages of technology
  • This project is being implemented with support from Intel Corporation
  • The training commenced on the 25th of July, 2019 in the multimedia classrooms in Deshpande Private Industrial Training Institute, Haliyal
  • Information Communication Technology For Rural Education, Haliyal

    Technology has changed the world in drastic ways and still continues to do so. And yet, technology hasn’t been able to reach remote and rural areas like Haliyal. This project aims to change that. ITC Training will educate the women of Haliyal to use computers and make everything that technology offers available to them.

    The training is being conducted in the multimedia classrooms at Deshpande Private Industrial Training Institute. These classrooms are equipped with 20 computers and internet connectivity. To start with, the basics of ITC are being covered in order to equip the trainees with a good foundational understanding.

    Education in technology will allow these women to venture into creating jobs for themselves within the space of technology. It will also facilitate the availability of internet and related services to the farmers and habitants of Haliyal.