Creative Skills workshops for all round development

•  Promotes all round development
•  Workshops in every village
•  Enhances creativity and confidence

All round development of children is the core of CherYsh Shiksha programme. With this objective a host of activity workshops is conducted in the Shikshas.
Mr. Siddappa Biradar, an expert in extracurricular methods of education, anchors the programme which is named “Samarthya Belesuva Karyakrama CherYsh Makkaligagi” (Personality Development Programme for CherYsh children). Led by Mr.Biradar,

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Rural Innovation Through Education (RITE) Volunteer programme

RITE is a volunteer programme, implemented in collaboration with KLE Tech University, Hubballi. Engineering students from the University engage with the children in the villages of Haliyal through the programme. More than sixty college students have participated in the RITE programme during so far.

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The BEACON beckons

On a visit to CherYsh project sites in the sugarcane-rich region of Haliyal, Uttara Kannada district, I saw the fire. Far afield it raged, billowing smoke into the villages – pristine, green, and clean.

Sugarcane trash was being burned.

It seemed a normal practice in the area. Farmers found it expensive to dispose off the cane trash in any other manner. It was ironic – not only were the expansive and clean environs of these villages being swept by swathes of smoke,

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Transforming The Rural Girl Child’s Life

Our mission is to transform the rural girl child’s life from early learning to sustainable livelihood.

CherYsh is a registered non-profit organization that strives to enhance learning avenues for girl children and livelihood opportunities for resource-poor women in rural India.

Since inception in May 2011, CherYsh has been committed to improving the journey from learning to livelihood.

Between 2012 and 2015, CherYsh worked with implementation partners to reach 24 villages across Haliyal,

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#SheRunsHerFuture Through Education

Join CherYsh’s run for the girls of rural Karnataka at the TCS World 10K, 27th May, 2018.

At our CherYsh Shikshas, After School Learning Centres, our children are running their own future through education. In 31 rural homes in Haliyal, an environment of fun education is created through books, art, music, technology. Tutored by our local young women, our Learning Facilitators, futures are being shaped.

It costs Rs 80,000 annually to keep a Shiksha running.

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