Creative Skills workshops for all round development

•  Promotes all round development
•  Workshops in every village
•  Enhances creativity and confidence

All round development of children is the core of CherYsh Shiksha programme. With this objective a host of activity workshops is conducted in the Shikshas.
Mr. Siddappa Biradar, an expert in extracurricular methods of education, anchors the programme which is named “Samarthya Belesuva Karyakrama CherYsh Makkaligagi” (Personality Development Programme for CherYsh children). Led by Mr.Biradar, children engage in clay modelling, paper craft, creative writing, plays, songs and dance . Community is also involved in the workshops. Children make use of the opportunity to display their creative side with much enthusiasm. There is high appreciation for the programme from the community as well.