#SheRunsHerFuture Through Education

Join CherYsh’s run for the girls of rural Karnataka at the TCS World 10K, 27th May, 2018.

At our CherYsh Shikshas, After School Learning Centres, our children are running their own future through education. In 31 rural homes in Haliyal, an environment of fun education is created through books, art, music, technology. Tutored by our local young women, our Learning Facilitators, futures are being shaped.

It costs Rs 80,000 annually to keep a Shiksha running. That’s why for the fourth year in a row CherYsh is running the TCS 10K marathon. Register now to join the run to Educate. Donate to Adopt-a-Shiksha – its running, infrastructure, learning material and digital tools @ Rs 80,000 per year.

Registration open up to April 20th.

To participate and for registration details, email cherysh10k@cherysh.org