Karakushala Kendras in the villages of Haliyal

•  A centre for women to use their handicraft skills as a means to livelihood
•  Training, seed funding and marketing assistance are provided
•  The enterprise works under the ambit of SHG.

The women in Haliyal have several skills which includes specialised hand embroidery, crochet and quilting among several other handicrafts. Many of these skills are handed down from elders while some are acquired by women during their life’s journey.
The need to have a space where women can come together and put their skills to use and share the techniques with each other became critical and a “CherYsh Karakushala Kendra (Handicraft Centre) was inaugurated in Mundwad village in the month of August 2019. Twenty two women work as a group in this village to make woollen shawls and stoles using “Khilla technique” where they use a wooden board and nails to make beautiful pieces of fabric in myriad colours. The women have registered their group as SHG and the operations of the enterprise are carried out under its ambit
Another Karakushala Kendra was started in the village of Jogankoppa where women make tapestries using crochet technique. Efforts are in progress to open more “Karakushala Kendras” in the villages of Haliyal