Transforming The Rural Girl Child’s Life

Our mission is to transform the rural girl child’s life from early learning to sustainable livelihood.

CherYsh is a registered non-profit organization that strives to enhance learning avenues for girl children and livelihood opportunities for resource-poor women in rural India.

Since inception in May 2011, CherYsh has been committed to improving the journey from learning to livelihood.

Between 2012 and 2015, CherYsh worked with implementation partners to reach 24 villages across Haliyal, Ponda, and Mangalore. 11 After-School Learning Centers were established with a total of 450 students enrolled and led by a Learning Facilitator in each. Over 595 women learned skills for livelihoods and over 288 livelihood opportunities were created. 85 Nursing Scholars were supported, and 2 Community Kitchens were established. Through these projects, CherYsh indirectly reached a population of 24,000.

In 2015-16 CherYsh began direct implementation of the Shiksha and Community Kitchen projects.

By March 2017, CherYsh will have covered 15 villages, with 25 Shikshas, having enrolment of over 1000 children led by a Learning Facilitator in each Shiksha.

CherYsh will be running 2 Community Kitchens, and will have established 1 Central Kitchen with the Food Safety Standards Certification in place.

10 Nursing Scholars will have received financial support.

Over 50 women will have acquired skills for livelihoods, and 47 will be earning a livelihood.