The Learning Playfields

There was visible excitement as the Shikshas reopened to a new academic year 2017-18. Fresh enrollments, new audio-visual learning modules, refreshed training on the Active Rural Curriculum, and distribution of the mid-evening nutritious laddoos, contributed to a wholesome start.

Child leaders were identified across the existing 26 Shikshas. Currently, 36 villages are covered under the learning program.

CherYsh established five new Shikshas in the villages of Aralwad, Nagshettikoppa, Jataga and Jataga Gowliwada in Haliyal Taluka.

Seeding reading and more

New story books, both in English and Kannada, were added to the mini-libraries in all Shikshas. New sports goods were also distributed as part of the active learning experience at the Shikshas.