My village, our progress

In the second (Rural Innovation Through Education) RITE session of the year, 35 RITE volunteers from KLE Tech engaged with children at the CherYsh Shikshas. The volunteers were trained to conduct an evaluation competency enhancement amongst children to read, write, enunciate, and narrate stories in English. They completed the exercise covering a sample size of 280 Shiksha students.

The RITE volunteers were encouraged to take leadership of the villages they visited. It was exciting to see youth volunteers adopt their village, and set goals to enable the children to score better!

  • 78% of students from the assessed sample demonstrated an above average performance in learning basic English (alphabets, phonics, writing alphabets , reading and writing three to five letter words).
  • 53% of students were above average in use of English: They understood and answered questions, read sentences, narrated stories, and recited rhymes.
  • 94% of the students showed that they were well versed in alphabets and phonic sounds.