Learning Facilitator Training

  • Sequence of trainings by Meghshala Foundation on the use of digital modules and teaching methods
  • Learning Facilitators were taught the use of the Meghshala App on tablets
  • Using fun active group activities to encourage learning
  • Creating a positive environment for the students to learn in
  • Understanding the capacities of the students and enabling steady learning

    To start the academic year, a sequence of training session for our Learning Facilitators were
    held in partnership with The Meghshala Foundation. Meghshala designs the digital learning
    modules that are taught in the Shikshas with the use of tablets. A handful of trainings were
    conducted over the summer on the use of the Meghshala App and the study modules they
    come with. Our LFs are use the app on tablets they are provided with tablets to teach in the
    Shikshas. These trainings covered the different elements in the digital modules used to teach
    kids and how the LFs can use them in Shikshas.
    In June, a two day training session was held and was conducted by Mr. Manjunath Hemapur of
    Meghshala. This training was more focused on teaching methods outside of the app. It
    equipped our Learning Facilitators with more active tools to encourage learning in their
    Shikshas. They were taught a handful of group activities as a part of this. Some topics were
    covered to make the LFs understand that each child learns at a different pace and it is important
    for the children to question and make mistakes to really learn.
    Our LFs learned a lot about the role they play in creating a positive learning environment for
    their students and the way their behaviour and seriousness reflects in those of their students.
    These learnings will make the LFs and our Shikshas more efficient in imparting learning that will
    improve the quality of education available to the children in Haliyal.