51 Learning Facilitators take learning to 36 villages

Baseline evaluation of all Learning Facilitators was completed. The assessment was used to evaluate 36 candidates from 21 villages, and enlist them as Trainee Learning Facilitators (LF).  These trainees joined the existing LF group to take up training on the Active Rural Curriculum. On successful completion of training, the LFs will be certified based on command over the content taught. The trained Learning Facilitators will anchor the Shikshas in the newly identified villages.

Participatory Planning and Training

Dr. Lalitha Appachu, experienced trainer, coached the LFs on new modules as part of the Active Rural Curriculum. The refreshed content included audio-visual aids, phonics, and elements from the English textbook used in school. Planning exercises were conducted to enable LFs to commit to a shared calendar for training. The sessions were designed to ensure participatory planning and collective learning. The modules ensured interactivity, and the practice of content delivery. Methodologies to include music and sport were reviewed. Fifty one trainees, including the 26 Learning Facilitators who currently anchor the Shikshas, attended the training sessions.

Gathering the learning harvest

The growing cadre of Learning Facilitators are on the path to continuous improvement. A follow-up workshop session was conducted by Malathi H.D. The workshop was conducted using a participatory approach where the group observed their peers conduct a demo class. They critically evaluated the presentation made by their peers, and scored the group based on defined parameters. The Trainer’s feedback is encouraging:“ Overall the observation is that most of the Learning Facilitators are interested to learn, are open-minded, show enthusiasm to learn new things, and are confident in using the digital device(Tablet). They go through their learning resources and prepare well for the class.”