CherYsh Shiksha – After School Learning Centres

•  Village neighbourhood learning spaces
•  Young women from the community are selected and trained as Learning Facilitators for the Shikshas
•  Nurtures all round development through academics, sports ,arts and nutritious snack
•  Benefits more than 1000 children in 37 Shikshas across 26 villages

The CherYsh Shiksha- After School Learning Centres target all-round development of children through quality support to their learning needs. The goal of the CherYsh Shikshas is to encourage village neighbourhood learning spaces: the home of a community member,

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Learning Facilitator Training

  • Sequence of trainings by Meghshala Foundation on the use of digital modules and teaching methods
  • Learning Facilitators were taught the use of the Meghshala App on tablets
  • Using fun active group activities to encourage learning
  • Creating a positive environment for the students to learn in
  • Understanding the capacities of the students and enabling steady learning

    To start the academic year, a sequence of training session for our Learning Facilitators were
    held in partnership with The Meghshala Foundation.

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