Our Approach

The CherYsh approach focuses on key stages in the lifecycle of a girl: from a young child, to young girl, and to woman. Change is initiated during these stages through support to early learning, skilling, and livelihoods in a healthy environment in the village neighborhood. The ecosystem is built through careful collaboration, with the goal of shared ownership. CherYsh embraces Technology as a key enabler of data-rich solutions in the mission to educate, prepare and secure rural girls and women.

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Transforming The Rural Girl Child’s Life

Our mission is to transform the rural girl child’s life from early learning to sustainable livelihood.

CherYsh is a registered non-profit organization that strives to enhance learning avenues for girl children and livelihood opportunities for resource-poor women in rural India.

Since inception in May 2011, CherYsh has been committed to improving the journey from learning to livelihood.

Between 2012 and 2015, CherYsh worked with implementation partners to reach 24 villages across Haliyal,

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