Learning in the depths of rural Karnataka

CherYsh Shiksha
Ensuring children have access to quality learning in village neighborhoods

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Areas where we need support Funds required ( Rs.)
Student Support
(Workbooks, Learning Material, Sports Goods, Support for extra-curricular talents for over 1000 children )
4.5 lacs
Learning Facilitators (Tutors), remuneration 7.2 lacs
Learning Facilitators Training Program 3.0 lacs
Systems and Process Building
(Digitizing Enrolment, Attendance, Progress reports)
4.5 Lacs
(Blackboards , Seating, Lighting, Storage)
3.0 Lacs

The CherYsh Shikshas (After-school Learning Centres) target all-round development of children through quality support to their learning needs. The goal of the CherYsh Shikshas is to encourage neighbourhood-learning spaces where children enjoy learning, nurture aspirations, and thereby progress.

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  • CherYsh Trust, 20 Lavelle Road
    3rd Cross Road, Bangalore - 560001.

    All donations in India will receive an 80G Tax exempt receipt.
  • USA
  • Mail cheque to:
    CherYsh America Foundation
    Edrich LLC, 50 Main Street,
    Suite 1000, White Plains,
    NY 10606
  • EU

  • European donations from the countries listed in TNG will be tax exempt for the donor.

Tax exemption as applicable in each geography.

Bank Details

Name of Bank: HDFC
Account Holder Name: Cherysh Trust
Account No.: 05212320004266

80 G # DIT(E)BLR/80G/29/AABTC3412F/ITO (E) – 1/Vol 2012